Sermpisit Company Limited

History and Background

Sermpisit is a food supplement factory with strict controls at every step of production, starting from selecting imported raw materials, Packaging box, blister panel, and mixing process until the final product is produced. Product control is clean. The company has always been trusted by domestic and foreign companies to safely reach the hands of consumers.

The Road to Sermpisit’s Success

“Boonserm Jaideechoei” has no business background in the family before. And life as an employee is not in a job position. Administrative aspect But it didn’t stop “Boonserm Jaideechai” from deciding to jump into his own business. When the moment and opportunity come By accumulating experiences learned since graduating from college. With knowledge in Electrical Engineering at the Higher Vocational Certificate level Working as an employee in a factory producing machinery for pressing tablets and filling medicine capsules Send to the Government Pharmaceutical Organization It was a great time for him to use his knowledge. Develop production capabilities Control machinery equipment The advantages and disadvantages of machines used in pharmaceutical production have been found and solved. and various types of dietary supplements as well

Our Working Principle

  • We provide OEM supplements according to customer requirements.
  • One stop service
  • Research and develop dietary supplement formulas to meet customer needs.
  • We have various types of packaging to adapt to different types of products.
  • When packaged in various forms, we also provide packing services.


Production management
After sell service
Speed and Appointment
One Stop Service

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